Purpose's of Marble Valley Friends, Inc.


The Marble Valley Friends organization was formed in May of 1997 in response to the announced plans to demolish the wood framed Old Tate School Gymnasium, which pre-dates the historic marble school building.  Although the preservation   of the the Old Gym was and remains a top priority of the now incorporated all volunteer group, a much broader view of the purposes of the organization has been incorporated into its stated mission.



  • To promote public interest in the history of the Marble Valley area and its marble industry.


  • To initiate, coordinate or operate programs to preserve, enhance, and utilize structures and site's of historic interest.


  • To encourage and support public and private efforts to maintain buildings and sites in ways that will retain their historic importance.


  • To develop and implement educational programs to inform citizens and visitors of the historic development of the Marble Valley.


  • To advise and recommend to community, municipal, county, and state agencies or departments, programs to achieve the above purposes.


Tate Gym                              Memorial Gardens                       Interior of Tate Gym

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