Marble Valley Friends "Hall of Fame"

The Marble Valley Friends Hall of Fame is dedicated to honor those who have contributed to the Tate community throughout the years.


Colonel Sam Tate

The First Pre-1940 Inductee, Inducted June 04, 2005

Colonel Sam Tate was born to Stephen C. Tate and Eliza Buffington Tate in the village of Tate June 13,1860 and died October 13, 1938.  He was educated through local schools and North Georgia Agricultural College.  He received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Georgia in 1931.  Colonel Sam Tate was president of the Georgia Marble Company from 1905-1937.  In that capacity he was responsible for for building both a company and a community.  His good business judgments where equaled by benevolent concerns for the company employees and the people of this area.  Those concerns were shown through his investments of time, energy and resources in bettering the local schools, building churches, providing improved housing with electricity, encouraging cultural and recreational activities and supporting charitable causes.  Colonel Sam "King of the hills" Tate presided over his domain with love and generosity.


Mrs. John Eubanks

First post-1940 Inductee, Inducted June 04, 2005

Willie Frank Newman Eubanks was born June 6, 1906 in Jackson, Georgia to William Frank and Ada Elder Newman.  Following graduation from Atlanta Conservatory of Music in 1925 she began her teaching career at Tate High School in 1926.  In 1930 she married John Martin Eubanks and had 3 children, Johnny Martin Eubanks, Nancy Elder Dorsey and Frank Newman Eubanks.  "Miss Bill's" vocation and avocation is a music teacher.  The quality of her instruction and the depth of her concern for her students established a standard of musical excellence difficult to surpass.  As a piano teacher, choral director, church pianist, Sunday school teacher, member of Amicalola Garden Club and volunteer ministry to homebound church members, she has impacted this area to a degree unsurpassed by many others.



William Johnson "Bill" Prince

Inducted November 4, 2006

In recognition of William Johnson Prince for his contributions to our national security through wartime service in the U.S. Navy; the industrial development of this area as Forester for the Georgia Marble Company; Pickens County through service on the Amicalola Electric Membership Corporations board of directors and as a plan designer, charter member and member of the first board of directors for Arrowhead Country Club; The Tate  Community as President of the Tate Community Association for 39 years, designer of plans for expansion of Tate Clinic, instrumental in securing services of the first doctor for the clinic and preparation of maps used in securing Tate's placement on the National Registry of Historical Places.  A member of Cool Springs Baptist Church where he served as a Sunday School Teacher, Usher and records keeper of the cemetery.


Stephen Emmett Griffeth

Inducted November 3, 2007

In recognition of Stephen Griffeth, the son of Mr. & Mrs. John Emmett Griffeth and brother of Howard, Vivian, Jack and Jane.  Steve was president of the 1932 graduating class of Tate High School.  He was employed by Georgia Marble Co. for forty-seven years beginning in the shipping department and working up to memorial estimator in charge of all orders and foreign purchasing.  He was a member of the U.S. Army during WWII, and a member of Tate Lodge No 485 F & AM for over 50 years achieving the Master Mason status, a charter member of the Tate Community Association where he served 30+ years as treasurer, on a committee to select doctors for Tate Clinic, and a member of Pickens Community Hospital Authority.  Steve was a noted national historian and the author of "The Many Facets of Tate" a book preserving the account of life and work in the village. 




Henry T. Fitzsimmons

Inducted November 4, 2006

In recognition of Henry T. Fitzsimmons who is considered to have first recognized the quality commercial potential of marble in the Marble Valley.  He was the first white settler known to have quarried and milled marble in this area.  All that followed in the state's marble industry is a consequence of his initiatives. 




Miss Bessie Atwood Tate

 Inducted November 3, 2007

In recognition of Miss Bessie Atwood Tate (Mrs. Walter Tate) who demonstrated her love and concern for the people of the area by: visitation to the sick and well, sharing her time, food, flowers, talents, service to Tate Methodist Church, Active participation in Tate's Woman's club, coordinator of the Widows shop providing employment for Tate widows, Postmistress of the Tate Post Office and organizer and 25 year president of the Amicalola Garden Club.  Her show case gardens under the care of Robert and Joyce Turner continued through the years to brighten the landscape of Tate and as a reminder of her love for the people of this area.



Thomas Crawford Boswell, M.D.

In recognition of Thomas Crawford Boswell,M.D for his contribution to the people of Tate and surrounding area as their physician and friend for half a century.  He worked tirelessly meeting the needs of the people.  Dr. Boswell served in WW II receiving the distinguished flying cross.  He flew thirty-five missions over Japan in a Chief Control Gunner possition.  Dr. Boswell graduated from Arkansas Medical School and interned at Crawford Long Memorial Hospital.  Following in his father footsteps, he too became a country doctor.  He moved to Tate in 1952 along with his beautiful wife Jean and little Donna.  Sandy, Stacy and Tommy are original "Taters".  His dedication and friendship has been a blessing to the people of Tate.




Beulah Morris Champion

In recognition of Beulah Morris Champion for her contributions to family, church and community.  Beulah lived her entire life in Tate marrying J.O Champion in 1926.  She was mother to Charles Howell and  James Hugh, and grandmother to five children, great grandmother to six and a beloved aunt  and great aunt to countless more of the extended family.  The Champions graciously opened their home to Beulah's nephew so he could live in Tate and complete his education at Tate High School.  Beulah was a pillar of the church being extensively active in all aspects of the church.  She loved singing in the choir...her favorite hymn was "Wonderful Grace of Jesus".  Being a friend of the community, she was the lunch room manager for a period of time at the school using grant money to buy food therefore serving good nutritious meals.